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Terms & Conditions

SIA "MADDELE" ( 40203302992 "Glaznieki" - 7, Glazskunis, Rembates pag., Keguma nov., LV-5016), further in text as Company, terms & conditions are valid for all website viewers, further in text as Consumer.
When placing an order, Consumer has agreed to all terms & conditions placed by the Company.
The public relations between Consumer and the Company are stated by the law of the Government of The Republic of Latvia.

Every purchase made is valued in EUR currency, which includes VAT (Value Added Tax). When making a payment for an order with credit card or debit card, the estimated order date will be set, when the money has been transferred to the bank account of
Consumer's order will be made after receiving the order payment.

When placing an order, Consumer has to state Name, Last name, phone number, e-mail and a choice for deliver service and payment method.

During the registration of each account, Consumer has to state a valid e-mail address and password, as well as is responsible that the personal information is correct and confidential.

Company approves, that all Consumer data will ONLY be used for placing orders and delivery services, while will be secured by the stated confidentiality Law in The Republic of Latvia.

Company is NOT responsible for the accuracy of the given data within each Order.
Company DOES NOT investigate confidential information within each order and is not responsible for the damage caused, if the order has been placed with a stolen credit card or debit card.

After a complete purchase, each Consumer receives a confirmation e-mail that states that Their order has been successfully placed and shows the status of the order. In case, Consumer DOES NOT receive a confirmation e-mail from the Company, Consumer has to get in touch with the Company immediately.

Each order will be made after the Company has received the payment for the specific order.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

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